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Skopinpharm has a long-term history of successful collaboration with international pharmaceutical companies. The aim of this collaboration is to adopt the most advanced technologies of producing drugs of all kinds of dosage forms. Besides, the company provides services for transportation of innovative drugs requiring special storage conditions. Apart from that, it helps medical and scientific institutions conduct research and diagnostic programs.

The Skopin pharmaceutical factory has the capacity
to produce additional 700 million tablets
and 500 million capsules a year.

In addition, the company is building one more high-tech production
facility to manufacture cytostatic drugs and a wide range
of liquid drugs.

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Contract manufacturing
Supply of innovative drugs

In collaboration with the Krug Dobra charity fund (it provides drugs for those of Russian patients who suffer from the orphan diseases), Skopinpharm delivers the drugs requiring special storage and transportation conditions.

To meet the temperature requirements, the drugs are transported to medical institutions in boxes with GPS trackers and thermal sensors.

Collaboration with medical and scientific institutions
Skopinfarm helps medical and academic institutions conduct research studies and diagnostic programs. In 2022, the Company collaborated with the Research Center for Medical Genetics and the Novartis company. In this collaboration, as a part of a pilot project for neonatal screening, Skopinpharm delivered the equipment to evaluate spinal muscular atrophy and primary immunodeficiency.
The PSCI Principles
Skopinpharm is committed to the principles of sustainable development in all business operations and aims to application of the highest ethical standards.
Our suppliers (suppliers of materials, services and contract manufacturers) play an important role, because they allow us to maintain sustainable growth and overall success.
We expect suppliers to clearly recognize and adhere to the principles contained in the attached document. The PSCI Principles.pdf
Secondary packaging

The company makes secondary packaging for the following medications:

  • coated and uncoated tablets, including cytostatics;
  • capsules;
  • injectable dosage forms, incl. blood products;
  • liquid drugs.

The secondary packaging of cytostatics, monoclonal antibodies, and hormonal drugs is done in separate rooms. In these rooms, there are transfer hatches, separate ventilation systems, and airlocks for personnel.

Product assurance

The Company implements the Quality Management System that ensures
high quality of products. This system is based on the requirements
of the modern standards:

  • GOST ISO 9001-2015 Quality management systems. Requirements,
  • The Eurasian Economic Commission resolution
    No. 77 dated November 3, 2016 On the Adoption of the Rules of Good
    Manufacturing Practice of the Eurasian Economic Union,
  • The Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation order
    No. 916 dated June 14, 2013 On Approval of Good
    Manufacturing Practices.
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The automated engineering system continuously maintains the required cleanliness level, air exchange rate, temperature, moisture, and air pressure for production and auxiliary facilities.

Quality equipment

The factory is equipped with the up-to-date facilities from the world's leading manufacturers: Bosch (Germany), Freund-Vector (USA), IMA (Italy), and Kilian (Germany).

The company regularly upgrades its facilities and premises to exactly recreate the technologies required for producing unique drugs.

Control at each production stage

With the Quality Control System in place, the Skopinpharm factory ensures inspection of the raw materials and all the auxiliary substances, control of the production process and its sanitary conditions, laboratory confirmation of the quality of the manufactured drugs, managing documents properly, and functioning of the personnel training system.

High praise from partners and consumers

Skopinpharm successfully undergoes annual audits by international pharmaceutical companies, receives positive feedback from consumers, and by far, has never received any claims or complaints from the regulatory authorities.

Participation in federal projects

Skopinpharm manufactures drugs under Special Investment Contracts (SPIC) uniting big investors, manufacturers, and the state. In 2018, the Skopinpharm company signed the SPIC for producing 10 unique products to treat hematological diseases. In 2021, the Company signed the SPIC 2.0 for integrating technologies to produce several unique drugs and some equipment designed to diagnose and treat oncological diseases.

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